General Fine Arts (BFA)

U R Tha 1! - Meeting the Chocolate Chicken 2020 Video Clip
Image depicts a city landscape with a kiosk in the middle, the kiosk has a sign that promotes the game Wander and says "this is the sign you need to start experiencing your town." The sign is blue.  There's a tree and an old building with a cloc + Enlarge
Wander Sign 2021 Digital
FRENZY Digital media
black and white comic cover of two young people, one with dreadlocks and the other with long black hair in front a forest, with the title Dark Swell above them. + Enlarge
DARK SWELL 01 2021 Digital Art (Clip Studio Paint, Procreate)
hand made ceramic mask sculpture + Enlarge
Neemah 2021 air dry clay, acrylic paint, resin, hair, accessories 9" x 8" x 3"
An animated scene made of a series of character designs, drawing based on different Chinese traditional medicine herbs as well as Taoist elements. + Enlarge
Urgent As The Talisman Says Part I (1) 2020 Editorial Drawing (GIF)
My thesis project depicts an ideal world consisting of my own created creatures, with partially quoting the Japanese folk tales about Yokai(a class of supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore), I morph and recreate those monsters by utilizin + Enlarge
Yokai_Theatre detail 3 2020 3D Model
The piece is green and circular. A large bright green dog with yellow eyes and teeth and swirly vine markings on its wrists has its arms stretched around the edge of the whole piece. He is holding a lime green watering pot in his left hand, pouring water + Enlarge
His Own Garden 2020 Mixed materials 4' x 3.5'
The People In the Paper Woods Video 2021 Video
A dark walnut stained low round coffee table made of poplar wood. Reminiscent of traditional Korean low tables, it is perfect for sitting at at just 14 inches tall, while also sporting carvings on the face of each apron. The table-top has 12 leaf poplar w + Enlarge
Poplar Low Round Coffee Table 1 2021 Poplar Wood W-27" x L-27" x H-14"
Two black and white portraits of the same woman, facing opposite directions. Depicted in a textural, abstract variety across the picture plane, almost like watercolor painting, with a set of gridded axes imposed through the middle of each. + Enlarge
Davanti e Dietro (Front and Back) 2020 Xylene transfers on Kitikata. Each 18x28"
+ Enlarge
Phoenix 01 Performance Photography
A cartoon-like girl with straight hair looks at the viewer with sparkles in her eyes. Her bright white hair is swishing to the right. She is the same color as the background, which is a light cream. She has a wide smile with teeth present. The girl has gr + Enlarge
Absolutely Flawleless 2021 Acrylic, Flashe (vinyl emulsion paint) and collage on panel 12"x12"
+ Enlarge
Tracing the Unconscious 1.1 2020 Joint compound on wood panel 40"
A red circle on a square substrate. Within the circle is a black, sparkly pigment made from mica schist. Half of the piece is veiled in red iridescent paint. + Enlarge
Time Will Tell 2021 Acrylic and Mica Schist on Cradled Board 12 x 12"
The second is a great beast referred to as Hammerclaw, that fell also fell victim to the Little Psiblings poison and became a fungal monstrosity as a result. It has the body of a shaggy bear, stood upright on crooked limbs is shaggy fur disrupted by dark + Enlarge
The Little Psibling 02 2021 Gouache & Digital
Picture of girl holding a cellphone surrounded by the sun and moon in one hand, and a mushroom in the other. Text reads "Magicalila" and "Digitalya" + Enlarge
Digitalya 2021 Music Album
I merely expected to create a random character who could share this feeling with me, and that’s why this work is designed as the same size as a real person. + Enlarge
Saucer Biological NO.18 01 2020 paper-carving, stockings, cotton, and paper boards Approximate Dimensions (if physical media)
This design starts at the top with a plant - the swallow wort - strangling a ribbon of the Ukrainian flag colors. The plant becomes withered and the ribbon breaks free, opening up to a mainly orange, green, and red geometric pattern, featuring the silhoue + Enlarge
Perseverance Banner 2021 Digital - Pixel
Two whales, mother and child, swimming in the sea of blue with a loose form of ocean around them. + Enlarge
Whale of a Time 2020 Watercolor 18 X 24
On a trail through a dark blue forest, an abstract red figure appears in the center of the frame. + Enlarge
Something Appeared on the Trail Back Home 2020 Acrylic on Vinyl 15"x14"
Driving to Inner Harbor video Shot in Canon 1DX Mark 2, gopro 9. Length: 3 min
Man Eats Himself + Enlarge
No Tongue Burning Acrylic on Canvas 22" X 22"
white, neon pink, yellow, and orange abstract painting + Enlarge
lost on my hard drive 2020 acrylic and house paint on canvas
A plate on a placemat. The Plate is cement and wax. The wax is sticking broken pieces of the plate back together. The wax looks dirty and black is several places. The placemat is circular and is made of lace doilies dyed a light reddish brown with rust. + Enlarge
Healing 01 2021 Cement, wax, lace, and rust 2" x 10" x 10"
Alishan Salamander - wallpaper 2020 Watercolor
An oil painting of a cat laying on a tiled floor watching its shadow. + Enlarge
Gus 01 2021 Oil on Canvas 28" x 22"
Painting of a figure on a lime green background, sitting cross legged, eyes closed, and painted with vibrant, non-local colors. + Enlarge
Helping Myself and Driving Myself Crazy 2020 Acrylic on reclaimed canvas 28” x 34”
A red throne sits under a clear night sky with a bright full moon directly above it. It is a dark evening, but the moon shines clearly on the corn stalks that stand tall to either side of the chair. The line the water pathway from the viewer to this red t + Enlarge
There's a throne in my garden. 2021 Oil on canvas 30" x 36"
Gallery view of all the large drawings + Enlarge
Celebrating Teachers 2020 Charcoal on paper
A monster made by colored epoxy inlay on the dilapidated brick wall. + Enlarge
Thousands of years later 01 2021 Mixed Media 4ft*5ft*3.5inch
A blue painting / photo collage of a black woman with her head submerged and blending into the clouds + Enlarge
Head in the Clouds 2021 Digital mixed media 30" x 24"
Black woman cutting another black woman's hair with clippers submerged in water with butterflies hovering over the top of them. + Enlarge
Appreciated 2021 colored pastel pencil on toned mixed media paper 9x12"
Multi-Color Digital Drawing + Enlarge
Rain Forest Cafe Parking Lot 2021 Digital Procreate Drawing
I create more paintings based on the way I used at first one, this painting is a fish egg, like an embryo, it has the shape of the fish inside but still growing. + Enlarge
To be born 2021 Oil paint, tracing paper 14x16"
Out of Nothing-Chapter1 video 2020
Spring Mountain 2020 Silks 39 x 65 inches
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