Graphic Design (BFA)

In this artwork is showing the cover of book and the front page that I design based on the knowledge that I understand from privacy & security. The design is mostly collage style with the bright yellow that contrast with the black and white strip. + Enlarge
Undercover Data Pattern Book Detail 1 2021 Book 9"x6"
Branding content for Teahouse. + Enlarge
Teahouse 01 2021 Digital
When a shoe box becomes a toy box + Enlarge
T.O.y Story Shoe Packaging 02 2020 Adobe Dimension
Scans of pages from the "Lateral Thinking" publication. Includes introduction text and proposed course outlines. + Enlarge
Lateral Thinking book 01 2021 Publication
With the development of society, people's pressure is increasing, and most people lack an effective way to express and relieve their mood. The purpose of my app is to let people use fireworks to help people ease their emotions. People can express their em + Enlarge
Fireworks 02 Digital
The postcards are about the promotion and collection of this website. + Enlarge
M&F Postcard 01 Visual identity
This is the web design of the physical book purchase website, which is divided into dark mode and light mode. The overall style of web design is modern, to arouse the interest of young people, because according to early surveys, it is shown that young peo + Enlarge
PAPER 01 2021 InDesign
Still images of website + Enlarge
The Palace Museum 1 2021 Main Illustrations/Illustrations/UIUX Design
Nike Thanks Baltimore + Enlarge
Nike Thanks Baltimore 2019 InDesign and Photoshop
A diagram using a lottery ticket to satirically represent a single accessible parking space among 25 spaces—the legally required minimum. The ticket claims a “1/25 chance to win” the grand prize: a “comfortable trip to a business.” + Enlarge
Parking Lottery 2021 Digital Illustration
+ Enlarge
Poster/天圓地方 2021 Watercolor, Photoshop, Procreate
INNER SPACE TRAVEL 2021 Sound Art, Video, Immersive Environment
Avatalk 01 2021 Digital Media
Dynamic Identities: functionality, instability, transparency, and transformation 2021 digital publication
The user interface design of EMO, a mental health recording and culinary therapy application. + Enlarge
EMO (1) 2021 Digital
3 posters of the word "Chamita" on the left side, vertically laid out" and a highly detailed illustration of fish on the right, sitting over the words on the left. The bottom part of the C, H, and A letters in the word are blurred. The post + Enlarge
Chamita 2021 Risograph Posters 10in x 16in
A graphic of dithered pixels depicts three friends sitting facing a campfire, a colorful wave evoking the sunset in the background. The words "stories apart" are collaged together from a variety of typefaces and hand-written letters. Text reads: + Enlarge
Stories Apart — Web app mockup Web Design
The work includes tea packaging design and a website that describes the design process and media. The website is rich in content, including not only the introduction of raw materials for packaging products​ but also the production process of raw materials + Enlarge
Teamanner, 6 2021 biodegradable Materials(rice glue; biodegradable ink; paper;)
A set of three slides depicting the UI for my written program, a flow chart about how the user might use said software, and a third flowchart about how the program works on the inside + Enlarge
PlotMaker MKII 1 2021 Program written in Processing
+ Enlarge
Healflora 02 2021 Visual Identity
Rectangular Book with Flippable Page. The Cover is pink, yellow, and green. Text reads: A New Design Curriculum - Chloe-Trang Phan. + Enlarge
A New Design Curriculum detail 3 2020 Digital Design
The left image is a series of circles varying in size moving vertically across the canvas. The right image is a series of layered spiraling circle patterns that are varying in size. + Enlarge
Sound Drawing 2 & 3 2021 Digital
Mute Logo by Ran Ran + Enlarge
MUTE 2021 UI/UX App
This poster comes from my re-design project of Whitney Museum of Art in NYC. As the preeminent institution devoted to the art of the United States, the Whitney Museum of American Art presents the full range of twentieth-century and contemporary American a + Enlarge
Whitney Museum of American Art-Poster Design InDesign
A series of 3 diamond-shaped keychains with added raised line texture on the top and bottom, with a phrase in the middle of the keychain (Don't talk to me, My feelings are valid, and Stay away from me) in various typefaces/compositions. + Enlarge
Hotel style keychains 02 2021 Hotel style keychains
This is a gif about showing the Casatopia calendar. + Enlarge
Casatopia Calendar01 2021 Digital
+ Enlarge
What you can do during a pandemic GIF 2020 GIF
Presentation for the website + Enlarge
Rampart the Bricks Website Presentation 2021 digital
this is an image of the three products + Enlarge
Good Night Insomnia 01 2021 Paperwork, C4d 148*210
I illustrated the feeling of insomnia + Enlarge
shape of insomnia 02 2021 Digital illustration
Project Investigation Process 2021 Digital Animation
The back cover of the book is a combination of the same sort of small clip art from the front of the book as well as a series of collage screenshots from abandoned social media pages. + Enlarge
All My Friends Are Losers - Full Cover
28" x 44" size poster design in black and white used coding program + Enlarge
Type + Visual Form = ??? (Poster) 01 2021 Code design: p5.js 28" x 44"
“A Book about Serial Killer“ is a data visualization book about the history, psychology, genetics of serial killers that can interact with the audience. Based on the investigation in the design process, I have produced some evidence from notorious serial + Enlarge
A Book about Serial Killer 01 2021 A Book about Serial Killer
It is a digital book that shows the cover as its main image. The cover has medium-dark blue as its background. There's a vertical parallelogram that has a collage of various images with pink colors on the left side. Some of them are still objects, and som + Enlarge
The Story Behind Feminized Pink: How to Look Back and Step Forward 01 2021 Adobe InDesign, Adobe AfterEffect, Adobe Illustrator, Collage
Graphic Design (BFA) Students