Illustration Practice (MFA)

Browse the virtual exhibition of work featuring the Illustration, MA Class of 2021. Making, learning, and working for change in a remote, disrupted, globalized context, these artists seek to engage in courageous conversations and shape inquiry into art and design in a manner that not only contributes to the world, but transforms it.

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Keeping Baltimore Magical - 1 2021
Stop motion film still + Enlarge
Nonna 2021 Stop Motion Animation
The cover of the "The Dove Guide to Human Life & Behavior" book + Enlarge
The Dove Guide to Human Life & Behavior 01 Mixed media
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The Light Upstairs Book Jacket 2021 Gouache on laser cut wood 9x12
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Comication card deck
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Conversation 2021 Mixed Media
Beetles are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth, and account for one quarter of all known species of plants and animals. There are more kinds of beetles than all plants. + Enlarge
Beetle Diversity 2021 Ink 12 in x 24 in