Interdisciplinary Sculpture (BFA)

This is a small collection of some staple Balinese recipes which I have eaten since I was a baby.  The dishes which these various base preparations produce fills a space in my soul, and belly  which I can’t seem to satisfy with anything else.    Balinese + Enlarge
Makan Dulu Cookbook (2) 2021 Maple, nubuck, paper, vellum, linen, Chicago screws 8" x 13.5"
This work includes two standing pieces on the ground that are made of steel and liquid plastic. They are slightly tilted with spiky structures on the top. Inside of the structure, each has a casted human head that is made of plastic. + Enlarge
GAZE 02 2021 Steel, liquid plastic 13x 32x 13 inch (each)
"Untitled (2020)" is part of my literal and metaphorical reclamation of materials. This piece is made entirely from remains of a demolition site at a hair salon on North Bread Street in Philadelphia. + Enlarge
Untitled (2020) 2020 Reclaimed Wood, Astroturf, Hardware 28 in x 28 in
A wooden table with a small screen in the center of the tabletop. The tabletop is in a shape that is similar to a “burst” and an intersection of four roads. The screen is showing the tabletop standing vertically at the top of a grassy hill. Above the tabl + Enlarge
Intersection Obelisk (Displayed) Maple, LED screen / Graphite
This piece of art represents modern people carrying their identities.The background is Baltimore City. + Enlarge
Baltimozteca 2017 Burlap fabric, chipboard, wood dowels, curtain rod 72 x 60” x 20”
+ Enlarge
Feel&Function Collection 2021 Ash Wood, Stoneware Ceramic, Canvas, Cotton and Polyester Yarn L: 42" x W: 40" x H: 60"
The altar on top of a log both with cloth runners draped over them. + Enlarge
Corporeal Altar 2021 Red Oak, Muslin 12” x 17” x 6”
eattheworld 2020 Single-channel video. Strobe warning: This video contains rapid changes in light and color that may be harmful to those with photosensitive conditions.
A wooden plank on the seat of a steel chair, balanced by loaves of bread on one end and a plate with breadcrumbs on the other. A string of twine is tied to the plate on one end and a glass that is placed beneath the plank and half-filled with water. + Enlarge
Portrait of a Breadcrumb 2021 Steel chair, wood, plate, glass, water, twine, bread. 53” x 14” x 15”
A young woman quarantining at home lights a candle on her palm in order to fight against the numbness caused by virtual online interactions. After this intimate contact with the flames, she thinks she has fallen in love with fire. And then, she started a + Enlarge
The Deviation of Desire: Fire, 01 2021 Film still
With the development of tourism, the distance between continents has been narrowed infinitely.Tourists' footprints are also left all over the world in infinite ways.This is Graffiti Alley in Baltimore, and I use "I've Been Here" as a symbol for + Enlarge
I’ve Been Here 2019 spray paint Installation
Project Investigation Process 2021 Digital Animation
The back cover of the book is a combination of the same sort of small clip art from the front of the book as well as a series of collage screenshots from abandoned social media pages. + Enlarge
All My Friends Are Losers - Full Cover
28" x 44" size poster design in black and white used coding program + Enlarge
Type + Visual Form = ??? (Poster) 01 2021 Code design: p5.js 28" x 44"