Painting (BFA)

A horizontal piece of paper is split into a left and right side, yet unified by color blocking and abstract shape. On the right side of the composition, two cartoonish forms of cat like creatures are stacked on top of each other, on the left side of the c + Enlarge
Cooped 2020 Acrylic on paper 42” x 54”
A golden setting sun shines over the ruins of the columns of a Roman plaza as the moon phases cycle overhead. The lower third is a magenta toned side of a Roman sarcophagus. + Enlarge
At What Point Does This Become a Nightmare? — Marriage of Sunset and Shadow 2020 Water media and leaf on paper 22" x 30"
Commemorating my best friend who passed away in 2020.  Painted using Renaissance techniques (glazing and scumbling). + Enlarge
For Kiko 2020 Oil on wood panel 12x24 in.
Mother and her son carved using painting from an old photo of the same mother and son for tone. + Enlarge
Can't go 15 Years Back For You, Sorry 01 2021 Joint compound and house paint on drywall 30" x 40"
floating pill bottle + Enlarge
Crooked Waltz 2020 oil on canvas 20x16"
A close up portrait of a face, directly gazing at the viewer, painted with vibrant hues of purples, reds, blues, and greens. + Enlarge
Sunrise 2021 Oil on canvas 30x18 inches
A pink and blue patterned image making use of a crescent moon motif, a line of pink dots, a triple-breasted female nude form, and some white clouds. + Enlarge
Divine Woman 2019 Acrylic on watercolor paper, edited with Photoshop 11" x 14"
A young girl sits on her mother’s shoulders. The girl wears a light blue dress and the mother wears a white button down shirt. The mother holds up the daughters arms. The background is flat with red on the right quarter, and the left a combination of red + Enlarge
Throw Me Something Mister 2021 Conte crayon, oil paint, and pen on canvas board 6x4 in
Large-scale, multicolored abstract painting + Enlarge
kathie 2020 Oil, acrylic, and flashe paint on canvas 60" x 60"
Four figures are in a very warmly lit yellow and orange room together but none of them are interacting with each other and all seem disconnected. There is another figure in the front that is leaving the room and entering a dark teal room with her head and + Enlarge
Disconnect 01 2021 Oil paint on Canvas 36" by 36"
This figure is a pregnant Earth Goddess figure painted in a green hue, she kneels on a bed of green moss, lichen stretch over her body, her stomach is open with a nest inside and three eegs one copper, one gold, and one silver. Her body, from the arms up + Enlarge
Earth Mother (Spring) 2021 W18in x H10in
Abstract painting + Enlarge
Runway of Chaos 2020 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 47" x 35"
Portrait on a 6ft x 6ft square shaped canvas with a pale body laying in the center of an atmospheric surrounding scene of earth tone colors and red painted tangling mangroves. + Enlarge
Boy in Mangroves 2021 Oil on canvas
A monstrous multi-headed creature is being carried in an exalted position on a palanquin through a small crowd of acolytes. + Enlarge
The Orator's Procession 2021 Oil paint 30" x 40"
Special Edition is consist of six 6” x 7.5” cards that feature portrait of Irish Carpo’s grandparents. Each portrait has borders that are have hand drawn designs that relates to each grandparent. The names of the grandparents are at the bottom of each car + Enlarge
Special Edition 2021 Ink on digital print 6” x 7.5” each
Image of two figures mirroring each other by sitting and facing each other. Their bodies are carved out except for their dress and an area across the eyes. + Enlarge
Identity v.s Confusion 2021 Acrylic, Ink, Pine 47’’x 24’’
Painting of a man + Enlarge
Untitled 01 2019 Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 inches
This piece, "We were caught in a storm...or something of that sort.", is a portrait of a girl with the hood of a yellow raincoat over her head. Her eyes are looking downward, as if to turn away from confrontation, and her lips are slightly parte + Enlarge
"We were caught in a storm...or something of that sort." 2020 Acrylic paint 12"x12"
Irizarry is a painting made with oil and acrylic. At first glance, it is a painting of a woman in a pink dress standing on a decorative tile. The painting consists of three sections, an outer frame, a second frame, and the depiction of the woman. The oute + Enlarge
Irizarry 2020 Oil and Acrylic on canvas 42 x 32 inches
+ Enlarge
Backyard Reflection 2020 Mixed Media & Digital Painting on Canvas 32 X 64 Inches
Painting (BFA) Students