Photography (BFA)

Risher_Wondrous (2 of 7) - This is a landscape oriented digital photograph made in a wooded area at night. In the background, a blur of mountains and trees makes the elevated horizon. In the center of the photograph sits a figure in a plastic outdoor chai + Enlarge
Untitled, 2 Digital Photograph
This is a portrait oriented digital photograph. The figure is seen from behind, semi-silhouetted against a warm interior – the viewer is looking through a window from the outside. + Enlarge
Untitled, 4 2021 Digital
This is a photograph of a collage consisting of paper textures and abstract drawings that trace an outline created by light and shadows. The outline making a window with light beam that cast a shadow of the window down onto the imagined floor of the space + Enlarge
The Missing Window 2021 Digital photograph of collage
self-portrait as Chalino Sanchez + Enlarge
Chalino Sanchez 2021 C-Type Print 30" X 40"
This picture is the cover for Natan's Thesis book. White background with a clutter of different foods and candy. On the left is the title  of the book "The Jewish Cookbook with Holidays" + Enlarge
The Jewish Cookbook with Holidays 2020 photo/book 11"x11"
When God introduced Himself in Genesis 1, He lays out the foundation for all creation. The Lord God says that we [human beings] are created in the image of God, that He created us in His image both man and woman are created in His image. To be created by + Enlarge
I Was Bought With a Price - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 2020 Photography
+ Enlarge
Untitled 06 2020 Photography
a photo of a green living room with light coming through a window at the center. + Enlarge
Baltimore 2021 Archival Pigment Print 36"x 24"
Spreads of the artist book La maleza + Enlarge
La maleza 03 2020 Artist book
Photography (BFA) Students