Nonna sweeping title dust + Enlarge
Nonna Title 2021 Stop Motion Photograph
Stop motion film still + Enlarge
Nonna 2021 Stop Motion Animation
behind the scenes shot of Abby moving the puppet + Enlarge
Behind the Scenes 2021 Photograph
sketches of nonna, props, and sauce + Enlarge
Concept Sketches 2021 graphite and digital

Nonna is a stop motion short film featuring a magical Sicilian grandmother. The titular character was born from a love of my family's southern Italian island heritage and interest in imbuing that culture with my own twist of magic and oddities. I've also put together a "behind the scenes" book full of process shots, visual development, concept art, and more. Nonna is created out of felted wool, and has a fully articulated wire armature skeleton that allows her to come alive in the animation. The puppet, set, and props are all handmade and based off of concept sketches developed throughout this thesis process.