Ty and Felicia the great white shark, looking at each other in a surreal scene under the sea abyss. Light shines from behind Felicia and falls dark as it goes deeper. + Enlarge
Felicia: Promotional Image 2021 Digital
Felicia: Halfway Trailer 2020 Video
Left: Ty looking up to the central tower of the church prison. + Enlarge
Felicia: Cutscene 1-2 2020 Digital
Right: Ty and Jacob having a conversation in the dining hall. + Enlarge
Felicia: Cutscene 2-1 2020 Digital
Left: A dialogue example of Ty speaking in the church. + Enlarge
Felicia: game dialogue screenshot 2021 Digital
Right: A game map example of Ty and Felicia walking in the under ocean tunnel. + Enlarge
Felicia: game environment screenshot 2020 Digital
Main characters silhouette and lineup sheet. + Enlarge
Felicia: Concept - character lineup 2020 Digital
Environment of the prisoner living area. + Enlarge
Felicia: Concept - Environment 3 2020 Digital
Overall map plan for the Irecano state church penitentiary. + Enlarge
Felicia: Concept - Main map 2020 Digital
The in game walking sprites for the main characters. From left to right are Ty, Felicia and Jacob. + Enlarge
Felicia: Walking sprite animation - Ty, Felicia and Jacob. 2021 Digital

I translate stories. From dreams to reality, from words and voices to lines and colors I translate bizarre fantasies to stories that can be listened to by the real world.

With art, stories come. To me art is a way of storytelling as I continuously get inspired by my dreams and fantasies, and I am always passionate about telling those stories through making digital art. Therefore whether I am presenting an interactive narrative piece or a standalone illustration, you can always expect stories—out of the most indistinct, outlandish dreams—translated to be listened to by you.

Illustration (BFA) Students