A minimal illustration of a girl looking left to right in front of a blue coffee cup as she waits for sugar and creamer to be poured in. + Enlarge
Addicted 2020 Digital
Girl wearing headphones in a dark blue cubicle (office setting) looking at a laptop screen and a small oval-like shape on her cardigan moving around her. + Enlarge
Coming of Age at a Sour Time 2020 Digital
A small image of a teenage girl in the middle of the page is surrounded by two large silhouettes on the sides. She is holding a phone that creates a large black wavy shape with moving geometric shapes (colored green, red, white, and yellow) inside. + Enlarge
Coming of Age in the Digital Age 2020 Digital
A ginger-haired scientist in a lab coat, observing an ant-sized adolescent in a dark jar in a lab setting. + Enlarge
The Science behind Adolescence 2020 Digital

Anna Kim is an illustrator from New York. Her interest in art started at a young age and has always loved drawing on the walls of her home. She works mainly in digital and has a strong interest in editorial illustration and design. When she's not busy doing art, she likes to go into the city where she finds most of her inspiration.


Illustration (BFA) Students