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Capstone Guiding Questions 2021
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Capstone Interview Snapshot 2021
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Capstone Positive Goal Statement 2021

Born in Mumbai, Asheeta spent the majority of her years growing up in different countries all over the world from South Africa to Russia. Her cultural experiences over the years helped her realize how powerful art & design can be as a universal language. She believes that as designers we really do have the power to make a change in this world. We can engage our community in issues that are important through compelling visual storytelling, a vision and a purpose.

Asheeta's capstone tackles inaccessibility at the intersection of age and disabilities in the time of COVID-19. Her big question is "How have blind and low vision individuals been accessing spaces such as COVID-19 testing and vaccine centers when their entire way of living has been turned upside down?" She tackles issues of transportation, inaccessibility and systemic issues within public health. The goal of her project is for blind and visually impaired elderly to feel safe and independent when traveling to and from COVID-19 testing and vaccine centers.

Social Design (MA) Students