Igneous and Nettle video 2D Digital Animation
Still image of the animation. Nettle stands to the right, turning towards Igneous and speaking. Igneous is sitting on the ground. The cave around them has walls covered in glowing crystals. The light from the fire around Igneous's neck illuminates the roo + Enlarge
Igneous and Nettle Still 01 2D Digital Animation
Interior of a cave. Stalagmites protrude from the floor. The was is covered in glowing blue crystals. A waterfall comes down and connects to a stream. On the far side of the stream, a lever and chain holds up a bridge of solid stone. + Enlarge
Igneous and Nettle Still 02 2D Digital Animation
Igneous stands to the left, only his top half visible in the shot. He holds his hand to his chin in a thinking gesture. Nettle stands to the right, looking in that direction. + Enlarge
Igneous and Nettle Still 03 2D Digital Animation
A close up shot of Igneous looking over the edge of a cliff, his hand holding onto Nettle's arm. The camera is looking up at Igneous, where stalactites hang from the ceiling. The edge of the cliff cuts the image diagonally. + Enlarge
Igneous and Nettle Still 04 2D Digital Animation
Igneous, standing to the left, holds hands with Nettle, to the left. They are both looking towards the camera. Behind them is an entrance to a cave. A sunny light permeates the image. + Enlarge
Igneous and Nettle Still 05 2D Digital Animation

For my 2D animated thesis, I want to work within a larger story idea I have had for several years, and try to narrow down the tone and characterizations within the narrative. I’m using 2d animation as it is the medium I think would suit the story best, and it is the medium of animation that films and shows that have most influenced my work use. I want to focus on character interactions between Igneous and Nettle, and use this film to solidify them and illustrate how they could potentially interact in a full show. I hope to use this film as a sort of pitch for Igneous and Nettle’s larger story, which I’m hoping to turn into an animated series.