Elevation + Enlarge
Organic Facade Elevation 2021 Digital Model
Rough Cardboard Model including a diagram of three modes of the program and a sketch of a communal environment + Enlarge
Cardboard Concept Model 2021 Cardboard, Digital Sketch
Digital Sketch of 6 Possible Combinations + Enlarge
6 Possible Combinations 2021 Digital Drawing- Illustrator
3D render of a Section Perspective + Enlarge
Section Perspective 2021 Digital Model
This is a interior Render of the building + Enlarge
Interior Render 2021 Digital Model
This is an Exterior Render of the building + Enlarge
Exterior Render 2021 Digital Model

Inspired by a found object that references a flower. I explored and dynamically arranged this"flower" form to accommodate three parameters that require different kinds of needs or dedications in one's life. We’re in a time where we see the importance of adaptability and this concept prioritizes that need.

Architectural Design (BFA) Students