A fabric skull with horns and ears is resting in a bed of pompoms. The pompoms are various colors of blue, green, brown, and yellow to resemble fungi. There are several sticks poking out from the pompoms, and the sticks have small white flowers and yarn t + Enlarge
Fungal Bouquet 2021 Mixed materials 19.5" x 18"
The piece is green and circular. A large bright green dog with yellow eyes and teeth and swirly vine markings on its wrists has its arms stretched around the edge of the whole piece. He is holding a lime green watering pot in his left hand, pouring water + Enlarge
His Own Garden 2020 Mixed materials 4' x 3.5'
There is a bright blue dog running through a forest of dark purple trees resting on a bright orange ground. The trees are covered in golden yellow eyes that follow you when viewing the piece. Below the orange ground there are several skeleton dogs with ye + Enlarge
The Trees Have Eyes 2020 Mixed materials 36" x 22"
A large circular piece made with bright orange fabric, decorated with grass, logs, and mushrooms at the top. At the bottom there are clusters of yellow oyster mushrooms. The circle is cut out in the middle and has a darker orange background, and in the cu + Enlarge
Wood Wide Web 2020 Mixed materials 4' x 4'

I create fabric mural pieces that illustrate how I visualize relationships and phenomena that occur in the natural world, and I draw from the unique imaginative aspects of folklore and storytelling. I design the characters and environments in order to instill a childlike sense of joy and curiosity. I appreciate the playful ‘craft’ element of the fleece, felt, and decorative fabrics that I use - the works are sculptural, made up of layered fabric pieces that have been decorated and create a more immersive experience. The vibrant colors and characters are inspired by the south central folk art I grew up with, where bright colors and patterns celebrate the vibrancy of Mexican-American and African culture. I incorporate these elements into my work in order to create murals that are visually and conceptually engaging.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students