A woman surrounded by swirling trees is seen holding a glowing halo that frames her head. Her eyes are glowing bright yellow and are enveloped by stars, she's wearing a large spiked choker that echoes the shape of the stars and her body appears to be frag + Enlarge
Entranced 2021 Adobe Photoshop
Two wild-looking ladies are posed in front of large rock formations that are often seen in Utah. This album cover is based on hyper pop and high energy, experimental pop so there is hot pink linework surging throughout the piece like lightning. The time o + Enlarge
Fall Damage 2021 Adobe Photoshop
This album cover is called Rein in the Stars and that's just what these two figures are trying to do. The figure in the background is ripping a planet through the atmosphere using a glowing, pink, lasso. The figure in the foreground is using some sort of + Enlarge
Rein in the Stars 2021 Adobe Photoshop
Three people on longboards are bombing a steep hill that runs along the ocean. Each figure has its own unique full-face helmet, the figure in the foreground has flames painted on his helmet and spikes jutting out of the top in an orientation that mimics a + Enlarge
The Fish are Poison, Davey! 2021 Adobe Photoshop
A series of seven boards is pictured. The first board is a snowboard titled "Lake Zurich", it features an arm submerged in purple lake water. The portion of the arm that is sticking out of the water is merely the bones of the arm with no flesh o + Enlarge
Snapdragon Skate Co. Deck Designs 2020 Adobe Photoshop
An agitated woman with very long hair and a glowing chartreuse gown is sitting half-submerged in a swamp. She is lounging on the base of a two-headed crane and sea serpent creature that surrounds the figure like both a throne and a protector. Contorted, f + Enlarge
Ruffled Feathers 2020 Adobe Photoshop
An intricate frame is featured in this piece. The top consists of moth wings, antennae, and a line of people holding hands and running. In between the moth wings are purple ocean waves crashing into each other. The bottom of the frame depicts a solar ecli + Enlarge
Into Renerum 2020 Adobe Photoshop

Hannah Harder is a Maryland-based illustrator and designer. She started her artistic path with traditional materials, specializing in oil paint, and now renders vibrant artwork using Adobe Photoshop to explore designed illustration, surface design, and narrative illustration. Her work is influenced by psychedelic art, the Art Nouveau movement, and visual elements from skate culture. When she’s not longboarding through Baltimore or snowboarding in the Adirondacks, she can be found by a small river off the Chesapeake Bay designing decals and skate decks or creating environmentalist work. Hannah created two senior theses, the first was a skate brand called Snapdragon Skate Co. that consisted of 7 board designs and multiple forms of apparel design. Her second thesis was a series of album covers, each representing a different genre of music to reach a wide range of musical artists.

Illustration (BFA) Students