Two figures in a black berry bush, clutching onto one another. + Enlarge
Blackberry Picking 2021 Digital
A black and white illustration of a girl descending the staircase into the embrace of a ghost. + Enlarge
She Gleamed like Moonlight 2020 Digital
A unicorn standing by a pond, bathed in orange light. + Enlarge
The Unicorn 2020 Digital
A crumbling golem underneath a stone bridge. + Enlarge
The Golem 2020 Digital
A three stage boss design of a nun turning into a feather covered beast. + Enlarge
Three Stage Boss, The Lying Martyr 2020 Digital
The Foxhole Court book cover. Shows three figures on a bus while the sunsets. + Enlarge
The Foxhole Court 2020 Digital

Jay Schriber is an artist and writer based in Austin, Texas. Using the nature around him, Jay wants to create works that reflect the magic of growth and dreams that can come from the woods. He is also influenced by gothic literature, fantasy settings, and a good cup of black currant tea.

Illustration (BFA) Students