The following pages are not in sequential order. Page one: A bird flies up to a bakery where a bear mixes a bowl inside. She asks the baker bear if he wants to go on an adventure with her. Page two: A bear and a bird frantically row a boat over to an isla + Enlarge
Biscotti and Sorbet Digital illustration
A blue creature looks down from inside of a bubble at a glowing waterfall and flying golden manta rays. + Enlarge
By the Waterfall 2021 Digital illustration
Top: text that reads “Ona and the Great Beyond” Bottom: a blue alien looks on past a group of pink jellyfish + Enlarge
Ona and the Great Beyond 2021 Digital illustration

Jayme Brodie is a children’s illustrator and cartoonist from Maryland specializing in creating endearing characters and stories to make you smile. Drawing inspiration from animals, nature, and all things cute, Jayme enjoys creating art that promotes silliness and kindness.

Illustration (BFA) Students