Jiawei (John) Cheng

This work is done from class Fantasy Art. It is one illustration for the comic book cover, about the zombies. + Enlarge
After The End 2021 Digital
The illustration for my favorite video game League of Legends. I picked five champions from the game and put them into Chinese New Year, the year of rat. All of these designs with Chinese and rat elements inside. + Enlarge
Happy Chinese Lunar Year Digital
I think it is so beautiful that one young lady with many flowers. What can be better than this artistic conceptiong? + Enlarge
Woman and Flower Digital
This is one illustration from series of the story I created. It is about a cat wants a new life to go back to the old famliy. It shows the cat with God in heaven and also about his owner. + Enlarge
The God and the cat Digital
The cover for a famous series of greek fairy tale. In this story the father is a famous inventor. He got gift from god by so genious to invent everything, but he lost his son also by inventing. He was controlled by the king which were two strong hands beh + Enlarge
Deadalus & Icarus Digital
I strongly believe that beauty exists everywhere around you. So I usually do single page of illustration about the beauty in daliy life. Also it has meaning in this illustration, "the love rise from east and gone at west, bur romance will neever chan + Enlarge
The Sunset Digital
This is one piece from one series of illustration. It shows some popular brands during the COVID in ironic ways. + Enlarge
Brands duriung COVID Digital

I strongly believe that art is not a technique, it is artists' expression after experiencing emotion through life.

Illustration (BFA) Students