Kathleen Harmanson

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Fiber Artists, Whitewashing, and Their Connection
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Fiber Artist Defined
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Black Fiber Artist in the Industry
Supported whitewashing to view Blk art as products of work + Enlarge
Effects of the Arts + Crafts Movement
Spaces remain Anglo-centric and perpetuated through academia. + Enlarge
Barriers in Navigating Fiber/Craft Spaces
Educating oneself of why they do what they do and owning their worth. + Enlarge
The Task of Black Fiber Artists
The objective of this Capstone. + Enlarge
Positive Goal Statement

I am a designer with a background in design research + studies and am interested in how systems work and helping communities. I believes it is important to know who you are in the context of the world and how that effects the way you live, work, communicate, move, bond with others, etc...


My capstone work is focused on how Black Fiber Artists (also including crafters) navigate and operate in the whitewashed spaces of the fiber/craft industries. As an aspiring fiber artist myself, I have experienced the lack of support and acceptance in these spaces due to the notion of what/who a fiber artist is supposed to be.

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