white, neon pink, yellow, and orange abstract painting + Enlarge
lost on my hard drive 2020 acrylic and house paint on canvas
yellow and green abstracted figurative painting + Enlarge
i wonder if they ever changed 2021 acrylic and oil on canvas
pink, green, yellow, orange abstract painting + Enlarge
irl meetup 2020 acrylic on canvas
mostly white with colorful bits of paper collage + Enlarge
your storage is full (too many memories that can't be deleted) 2021 paper collage on wood
black charcoal lines making up an abstract horse drawing + Enlarge
funny horse 2021 charcoal on paper
white painted lines on black painted paper + Enlarge
texting myself again 2021 acrylic and house paint on paper
abstract painting of many different colors + Enlarge
watching too much anime 2021 acrylic and house paint on paper

I am very interested in exploring ideas related to connectivity and over stimulation of information. My art is a kind of representation of myself and presents my view of this connectivity, expressed through a kind of automatic art making process as a release of that which is a part of me deep down. I use art as a way to let out this kind of repressed knowledge and experience into a visual display, through a kind of personal visual language presented through as many mediums as possible. I find life to be something so overwhelmingly complex and impossible to truly understand, and attempt to create work that explores this kind of chaotic impossibility of life. I am incredibly interested in how technology has also completely changed everything, from the world around us to the way that people communicate and relate to one another. My most recent work explores the relationship between abstraction and imagery in this post-internet era through the exploration of materiality, color, form, and mark making with different materials and media.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students