Rayen Hirsch-Rosales

A front album cover illustration takes up the left half of the image. It shows three girls (Rob, Lucky, and Anise) laying in a field of clovers, each of them with distinct fashion styles and color palettes. Lucky, the girl in the middle of the group, is s + Enlarge
WiSHBONE album cover Digital
Three separate illustrations of various props for each band member. Lucky's props are on the left and feature cute themed objects like heart shaped furniture, a teddy bear, and makeup products. Most importantly, a bass guitar with a clover shaped body is + Enlarge
WiSHBONE props Digital
A digital illustration of a pink two-story Victorian-style house with dark blue scalloped roof titles and white trimming. A small garage is attached to the first floor on the left side and the second story has a prominent circular window with a clover mot + Enlarge
lucky's house Digital
Illustration (BFA) Students