A brightly colored poster that reads "Joyce Manor torrance, ca" in an arch towards the middle of the page with "maybe human is not such a bad thing to be" at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page there is an arch with a pink h + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Poster Risograph
A white t-shirt with an image printed on it that reads "Joyce Manor" in blue ink. Underneath the text are two rows of smiling baby angel heads printed in a slime green to orange gradient. In between the two rows theres a picture of a black cat w + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Apparel 01 Screen Print on fabric
A black hoodie with hand drawn bubble letters that read "Never Hungover Again, Joyce Manor" A square printed on the center of the hoodie contains a girl looking away with a heart tattoo on her arm. On the outside of the square there are two hand + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Apparel 02 Screen Print on fabric
 two socks on a bright slimy green background that say Joyce Manor with have a cherub head with wings underneath that text. There is a foot resting on the cherub's head but the cherub is smiling and happy. checkers line the top and toes of the socks. Ther + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Misc 01 Digital Mockup
Many cherub baby keychains with a front and back view put together on a large page with lots of stars in the background. The cherubs range from light to dark skin tones each cherub has a different color hat on. the hats have dog ears and black spots, the + Enlarge
Joyce Manor Misc 02 Digital Mockup
A black t-shirt with a picture of a black cat wearing a cowboy hat staring deeply into his reflection. The cat is enclosed in a barbed wire heart. At the top and bottom of the heart is cursive text that reads "Kirby the Cowboy". On the back of t + Enlarge
Cowboy Kirby 01 Screen Print on fabric
same as image one but on a black hoodie. + Enlarge
Cowboy Kirby 02 Screen Print on fabric
The whole image is surrounded by green and pink puerto rican style ceramic tiles. At the top is an arch that has two pink hotwheels cars on either side. Underneath the arch there is text in a gothic font that reads "Bad Bunny" under the text is + Enlarge
Bad Bunny Poster Risograph
 A black t shirt with text at the top (in the metallica font) that reads "Bad Bunny". Underneath the text is a sketchy drawing of a bunny holding a large sword. On either side of the bunny are two sketchy daisies with wavy stems. On the back of + Enlarge
Bad Bunny Apparel 01 Screen Print on fabric
: A black hoodie with a hardcore font that says "Bad Bunny" Three images of kewpies wearing a hat with bunny ears are printed on each sleeve. + Enlarge
Bad Bunny Apparel 02 Screen Print on fabric
 Black booty shorts with white stripes on the side. On the front bottom left corner of the shorts is an illustration of a kewpie with a bunny hat on. The hat is a mint green color and has deep orange stars. On the back of the shorts is arched text that re + Enlarge
Bad Bunny Misc 01 Digital Mockup
A drawing of a car keychain placed on a bright purple background, the image is surrounded by a black checker border. The car keychain is a bright blue. Written on the side of the car is "Bichiyal" enclosed in a cloud shape. Next to this, nearest + Enlarge
Bad Bunny Misc 02 Digital Mockup

A lot of my work is inspired by music so for my thesis, I designed two mini merch lines for Joyce Manor and Bad Bunny as well as a bonus shirt/hoodie for my cat Kirby (a very talented star). My goal with this project was to have fun and create things I want to wear and see in the world. 

Illustration (BFA) Students