Female figure with floating weapons pointing to her head + Enlarge
Isolate 2021 Digital
Female figure standing infront of a mirror, with her private part covered by flowers. + Enlarge
Implode 2021 Digital
A girl curled up in the suitcase which is filled with grassland and lake + Enlarge
Homing 2021 Digital
Grass and flowers grow out of a cut wrist, a girl figure with scissors in her hand is watering them + Enlarge
Lively 2021 Digital
A female figure sit on a color palette filled with colorful foods, strangling her waist with a rope measure and vomiting the pigments out + Enlarge
Expected 2021 Digital
A girl with dragonfly wings nailed to a table, with her wings cut open by a sharp knife + Enlarge
Good Will 2021 Digital
A girl pulling off her mask drawn with smile face, becoming desaturated and transparent, turning her body to a hanging noose + Enlarge
Outperform 2021 Digital

My subject matter is emotion.  I strive for the expression of emotions and feelings, work my best to visualize them as the way they are. I rely on composition, texture, color and gestures to narrate, but more importantly, I  love illustrating the emotional movements and rhythm in my life.

Illustration (BFA) Students