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Self-Portrait in the rain 2020 acrylic on cardboard 6.25x7.25inches
"Serendipity World The mystery and magic of the world occurs when you can see life in every object. Your heart will lead you into this world."  Serendipity World is the work of Happy (Huang, Pei-Yu), it is a multimedia experience that includes f + Enlarge
Serendipity World 2021 Furniture, publication, and web game
"A visual poem written by a hollow object, Transparency addresses fluidity within perception and identity. The object and the project are funhouse mirrors reflecting and shattering until they hatch into feeling flesh. Transparency cries twin mourning + Enlarge
Transparency 2021 Riso-printed graphic novel
a visual narrative of a young women going home in HongKong in winter 2019 + Enlarge
Tiger girl 2020 acrylic and charcoal on canvas 54x38inches
A parable of poems. Illustration credit: Tom Eichacker. It is in part 1 of Project Anthropomorphic Animal Avatar. For more Details and contents follow @gengisicong + Enlarge
The arrogant astronaut hare Assassination of the ground squirrel king I accept my fate, the wolf said calmly The chosen raptor Language of the salamander Golden peacock who flies to the moon Sometimes, it’s ok not to speak human 2021 Printed publication
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Project Anthropomorphic Animal Avatar 2021 Curatorial Project

Sicong Sui is a traveler, painter, and curator from Beijing, currently landed in Baltimore. He is currently working on Project Anthropomorphic Animal Avatar, which explores interchangeable identities between humans and animals, extant in every culture, that help to tell the stories of our individual and collective journeys.

Curatorial Practice (MFA) Students