Theanni Dominici

A drawing of a person with short wearing jeans and a plain short sleeved shirt, sitting in a train. The scene takes place at night. There is a bag sitting in the seat next to them. They are looking out the large, dark window, where there are lights moving + Enlarge
Train Ride 2019 Digital
Mock-ups of an illustrated deck of cards called “Life and After”. The mock-ups all have the same format: three cards fanned out on a plain white surface.  The first picture is of the spade suit, which is zombie royalty themed. The king’s mouth is open in + Enlarge
Life and After - Playing Cards 2021 Digital
A photo of a group of ten crocheted teddy bears with slightly-too-long arms on the yellow fabric background with two blue throw pillows next to them. They all have a simple smiling expression on their faces made with contrasting yarns. Below this image ar + Enlarge
Treasure Bears 2020 Acrylic Yarn, Stuffing 10 14" x 8" Teddy Bears
A picture of a crocheted tapestry picturing the first rainbow bear riding a wavy rainbow in space. It has no face. The rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple from the top down. There are white stars in the sky. The tapestry has a dark blu + Enlarge
Rainbow Bear Tapestry 2021 Acrylic Yarn 31" x 44"
A picture of a linocut print depicting a container of blueberries, a blueberry pie with a slice cut out of it, and of the missing slice sitting on a plate. Behind them are a pair of oven mitts and a closed paper sack of flour. There is a row of tiles with + Enlarge
Blueberry Print 2021 Linocut Relief Print 18" x 24"
Illustration (BFA) Students