A cowboy dragging zombies through the woods. + Enlarge
A Horse with No Name 2020 Digital
A Shipwreck in the middle of the desert. + Enlarge
How It's Gotta Be 2020 Digital
A casette tape dedicated to ABBA. + Enlarge
The Winner Takes it All 2020 Watercolor, ink, coffee 5 in x 4 in
Monsters looming over a sleeping individual. + Enlarge
Monster Mash 2019 Digital
A rose covered in worms. + Enlarge
Counting Worms 2021 Watercolor, ink, coffee 5 in x 4 in
Cappadocia Inspired Hot Air Balloons. + Enlarge
Carelessly Hopeful 2021 Digital
Two school children chasing a butterfly throughout Baltimore. + Enlarge
Butterflies in Baltimore 2021 Digital

Trenton Onsted is an illustrator from Rockville, Maryland. His craft revolves around a passion for scenic-subtlety through immense and expansive detail. Fluent in practices inspired by screen printing, hand lettering, photography, film-making and painting, his visions depict an affinity for a world with a slight twist of fate.

Illustration (BFA) Students