VEE'S RECIPES: An Illustrated Recipe Book 2021 Photoshop
llustration; digital; a group of children surrounding one girl holding a big book; light is coming from the book + Enlarge
Storytime 2021 Photoshop
illustration; digital; girl at the edge of water; dark colors; bright lights + Enlarge
Girl at Water 2021 Photoshop

Art has always been a means for my voice and a way of trying to make the world better, through celebrating culture or exploring wishes and fantasies. My art is dynamic, engaging, emotional, colorful, and tends to focus heavily on conceptual themes.

One of my most recent projects is an illustrated recipe book that I created digitally with Photoshop. It's full of recipes that are very personal to me and my family.

Whether it is through traditional techniques or digitally, I always strive to create a connection with the audience that leaves them hungry for more!

Illustration (BFA) Students