A mountain peak of pink, yellow, green, and blue pieces of fabric. + Enlarge
Spring Mountain 2020 Silks 39 x 65 inches
Horizontally long imaginary landscape that has water waves on the bottom and the mountain range on the middle line. + Enlarge
Dream Journey to Peach Blossom Land 2021 Silks 86 x 280 inches
Hanging fabric that has waves on the bottom and five mountain peaks on the middle range with two flying cranes. + Enlarge
Five Peaks 2020 59 x 70 inches
Range of green mountain with beige-colored bottom + Enlarge
Untitled 1 2020 Silks 34 x 53 inches
Flowing mountain scape made of transparent fabrics. + Enlarge
Untitled 2 2020 Silks 33 x 45 inches

My work is about my utopia or ideal mental state, wherein tranquility and serenity are the top priorities. Through a series of patchwork and fiber collaged paintings, I dream of a life that is connected to nature without any anguish. The beauty of emptiness emphasized in Eastern Sumi Ink paintings inspires me, and I seek to capture this visual weight in my works. The mountain is an important element, and it is a source of my inspiration. The panorama of mountains gives me a sense of stability. I sew these swatches of fabric, and my mind empties. This process of artmaking is a part of my work that corresponds to a sense of calm and peace. To me, art is a place of freedom to get out of reality and to rest.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students