The first piece is about Alison the goat child witness a falcon hunting a rare. The difference between the positions of human and animal lead Alison to a totally new fate. + Enlarge
Ordinary Lives-Alison 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
The second piece is an afternoon nap after finishing the work. + Enlarge
Ordinary Lives-Alison, 2 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
Maurice was a merman but accidentally being brought into human family. Because of the severe injury, his fishtail was removed and replaced with artificial limb. The first illustration is Maurice dreamed about the illusion of living in the ocean. + Enlarge
Ordinary Lives-Maurice 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
The second one is Maurice join in a light festival and seeing lots of fish design lanterns floating all around. + Enlarge
Ordinary Lives-Maurice, 2 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
Vogel is a bird person who was raised up in the forest. However her dream is becoming a theatre star and living in the urban area. The first illustration is the pretty bird leaving the cage of forest going in to the city light. + Enlarge
Ordinary people-Vogel 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
The second illustration is Vogel making the curtain call as the biggest star of the night. + Enlarge
Ordinary people-Vogel, 2 2020 watercolor and digital tool (Photoshop) 11x15.5 in
San-Shoku-Ya is an art supply store for traditional sumi ink painting. The star bird is Long-tailed Tit so the store is designed into a calm and light coloring style with wooden structure. You can enjoyed the time in store exploring the interest with ink + Enlarge
Shakuza - Art Supply Store 2021 Digital tool (Procreate and Clipstudio) 10x18 in
Chirp Chirp Flowers is a flower store locating in the Shakuza. With the white-browed tit-warbler as the star bird. The design of the store is based on the color palette of the tit-warbler and aiming to bring the most comfortable feelings in the store and + Enlarge
Shakuza - Flower Shop 2021 Digital tools 10x18 in (Procreate and Clipstudio)

Yueying Wu is a Chinese illustrator specializing in storytelling currently living in Maryland. She is passionate about doing character design and world-building. Her works are mostly inspired by fairy-tales, nature and movies.

The presenting artworks are from two different thesis projects. The intention of creating them is to construct the hypothesis of closer relationship between human and nature.

The first project is Ordinary Lives. There are three mutant children who are born in nature environment but raised up in human society. Each character has two illustrations that describe their living conditions.

The second project is Shakuza which is a made up word combining with Sparrow and Ginza. Each stores has their own theme bird presenting with signature products and worker clothing.

Illustration (BFA) Students