U R Tha 1! - Meeting the Chocolate Chicken 2020 Video Clip
a group of seven original multi-colored puppet characters. two young boys, a purple woman, a cat, an opposum, a frog, and a chicken. + Enlarge
Puppet Cast of U R Tha 1! (From left to right, up to down): Tresey, Lavender Pearl, Lor-Nae, Peter Possum, The Chocolate Chicken, Wish the Cat, Bubble Bullfrog 2020 Foam, fleece, and fur
original character drawings for the puppets in the film + Enlarge
U R Tha 1! Puppet Character Art 2020 Illustration pen and marker 28" x 11"

Puppets blur the lines of the real and surreal, connecting with the imagination of all people. They aren’t human, but they are alive. It’s rare that humans have the opportunity to imagine together, and to connect on an innate shared nostalgia, and anytime you are performing a puppet or watching a performance of a puppet, you are engaging in a contract of imagination and nostalgia. You are asking people to imagine with you, and there is a beauty to that shared experience. As well, the relationship between the object of the puppet and the performer is a special kind of unexplainable phenomenon.

My personal work has, in that way, become not about using puppets because I’m a puppeteer, but finding ways in which puppets can better tell the story of a given piece and amplify that shared human imagination.

The main project presented here is U R Tha 1!, a funk-musical short film produced as part of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society's Puppet Six-Pack, and features a cast of original muppet-style puppet characters I designed, built, and performed. The full film is available to watch for purchase on the BROS website (baltimorerockopera.org), along with five other original puppet musicals.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students