A man whose head is a skull lays in the bathtub. His left hand is holding a cigarette. There is a huge eyeball on the wall. There are also some claws reaching out from the wall. + Enlarge
The Last Bath: The Promotional Art of Koge-Wit's Inferno 2020 Digital
A man is laying on the ground. He is holding a knife with his left hand and covering his throat with his right hand. There is a shining large face in the sky with four eyes. There are also some tentacles around the page. + Enlarge
Following The Light 2020 Digital
A monster is holding a glowing stick as his weapon. He has a skull as his head with two horns. He has a large mechanic wing. He is looking at the left of the page. There are two eyeballs flying in the sky. + Enlarge
The New Emperor 2021 Digital
A man swims underwater. There are two eyes floating in front of him. He is surrounded by three monsters with tentacles. + Enlarge
Who Stole The Eyes? 2020 Digital
A muscular mman opens his arm. He has glowing eyes and tattoos on his body. He has tentacles as hair. They are reaching out. He is in a cave. The sky can be seen above his head. + Enlarge
Home Sweet Home, Limbo 2021 Digital
A centaur stands in the front. He is looking over his shoulder. A man is raised up by the tentacles in the sea. + Enlarge
Only You 2020 Digital
Two figures without heads are facing each other. A spear pierces them both through the chest. There are many embryos coming down from the wall behind the right figure. + Enlarge
Our Cold Nest and Broken Heart 2020 Digital
The series is based on my world-building project, Koge-Wit's Inferno. The full project can be viewed on my website, which includes illustrations, character designs, and stories on the way. 



Illustration (BFA) Students