Sophomore Fiber Major

Wild Seed

Amir Khadar is a multidisciplinary artist & activist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a sophomore fibers major with an illustration concentration. For them, art is a space to rationalize their feelings as a marginalized individual, address oppressive structures, and ultimately facilitate healing. [MOU1] Current themes spurring in their work include beauty bitterness, hair, spirituality, and Afrofuturism.


Wild Seed is an AfroFuturist fashion collection, named after the book by Octavia Butler. The line takes places in an alternate reality where black femininity is widely respected as divine. Aesthetics created by Black women & femmes are pushed into the fantastical realm by merging them with West African masquerade costumes, Oshun imagery, and African American style. Handmade jewelry found objects, and clothing made from 100% upcycled & hand dyed fabric are the main materials in this collection. Black femininity is the unaccredited force behind all of our culture, joy, and liberation, so the color scheme follows a sunrise/sunset to remind everyone we are the beginning and the end.