Senior Interdisciplinary Sculpture Major


Daisy Braun is an interdisciplinary artist from Peaks Island, Maine. She is a dual sculpture and humanistic studies major. Through an interweaving of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, her work examines life’s cycles.

Exoskeleton explores the potential of a boundary — to protect, to inhibit, to consecrate, to enliven. The forms used are often paradoxical; their ‘insides’ and ‘outsides’ seem to run into each other. The unbroken nature of these forms connects them with regeneration.

Largely inspired by the silhouettes of plankton, these sculptural garments envelop each model within a semi-transparent membrane. Much of life on Earth evolved from plankton, and all life depends upon them to survive. They are a reminder that the planet is one vast, ongoing web. By fabricating microorganisms at human-scale, Exoskeleton reflects on our bodily link to Earth’s past, present, and future.