Annual Benefit Fashion Show

Hannah Moog / Kristen Tapia

Sophomore General Fine Arts Major / Sophomore Animation and Fiber Major


Hannah Moog is a sophomore general fine arts major and book arts concentrator from Burke, Virginia. She creates whimsical stories and characters in different mediums.

Kristen Tapia is a multimedia animator from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She is a Sophomore Animation and Fibers major, focusing on utilizing childlike aesthetics and nostalgia to work through topics such as trauma and healing.

Contigo, meaning with you, explores the impact of positive relationships and small acts of kindness in our lives. Believing these precious gestures are catalysts in their own lives, shaping who they are and, when multiplied, create a more compassionate community. They visualize this through the shared wearing, exchanging, and playful transformation of their garments between the models. Each look is dependent on and completed through these interactions. Lending a hand, giving a hug, or offering shelter can be a catalyst for building the more welcoming, inclusive, and loving world we aspire towards.