Junior General Fine Arts Major, and MAT program


Max Cortes is a mixed-media artist from Long Island, New York. He is in his junior year of the General Fine Arts and Masters in Art Teaching programs at MICA. Max uses surreal portraiture, queer aesthetics, and colliding themes of technology and domesticity to communicate his personal experience of the world through his art.

Using exclusively found objects and recycled fabrics, Inhabitants is a collection which creatively reuses trash to create garments which communicate a fun, affordable and accessible version of casual wear. While facing increasing awareness about the negative impact capitalism and consumerism have had on the environment, this collection allows humans to envision a future where we are able to use what has already been created to maintain a home for ourselves amidst the damage we have done to the environment. Inhabitants use cheerful colors, androgynous cuts, and conventional and unconventional materials to create a positive and playful vision of recycled fashion.