Sophomore Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Humanistic Studies Major


Patricia Chevez is a sophomore fiber and sculpture artist from Riverdale, Maryland. Her work takes form in different mediums, often revolving around the ideas of identity, story-telling, and the body. Informed by research, the cultural and conceptual aspects of this line is a response from learning about the textile work of the Wayuu people from Guajira, Colombia. The colors, designs, textures, processes, and meaning behind the works of their artisans, deeply influenced Patricia’s own process in this collection.


In GOZA, meaning enjoy in Spanish, garments are constructed from reused fabrics and non-traditional materials to put together looks that do not take on the function of clothing but rather, perform as accessories and undergarments to the body. The collection incorporates handcrafts such as: crochet, hand-dye, and up cycled materials. GOZA celebrates the body from migratory and marginalized experiences as a visualization of power and admiration.