Junior Graphic Design Major


Pei Jung Ho is a creative from Miaoli, Taiwan. She is a junior Graphic Design major with a concentration in Illustration. She concentrates on the research of behavior and culture through art making.

diSpOSable is a collection reflects the phenomenon caused by extravagant consumption of disposable materials in modern society. Applying the discards collected from surroundings, the collection visualizes the quantity of massive waste from daily life. The environmental issues have been an imperative over decades, however, it is still hard to see a balance between man and nature today. Through the application of alternative materials instead of the common clothing fabrics, diSpOSable allows people to take ownership of the lifestyle they choose and to construct an eco-friendly environment. Beyond the surface, the collection includes further exploration of people’s thought process that guides their behaviors, as well as the relationship and mutual influences between human and the environment.