Art Market Vendor Resources


Space at Art Market is limited and is dependant on how many vendors are selling in a group.

Group Leaders assign spaces before set-up begins on Thursday morning. Space is not always given evenly - it is based on merit/quality of work. New vendors may get less space. If you have concerns contact your group leader.


Ask yourself:

  • Are your items easy to see?
  • Are your items easy to interact with?
  • Is your signage easy to read?
  • Do your display materials complement your products (and vice versa)?
  • Do you have business cards?
  • Do you have extra packing materials?

Storage of Artwork 

All work should be brought to Art Market and stored in a container, clearly labeled with the vendors name and phone number.  Plastic bins are best when appropriate. Every vendor should reference the Art Market Vendor Tool Kit. Your group  leader will direct their groups where to store their containers when Art Market is open and when it closes each night. 

Restocking Items  

Vendors are highly encouraged to check in on their inventory and displays each day of the market, even if they are not working a shift that day. If a vendor does not check they run the risk of running out of items in their inventory and/or on display, and interacting with customers. Vendors are actively encouraged to be at Art Market as much as they possibly can be.

Remember, there is no one who is going to sell your work like you can. 

Shifts at Art Market 

The amount of vendors a group has on shift at Art Market is dependant upon the group leader. If a vendor signs up for a shift they are expected to be there on time,  presentable, and ready to work. If a vendor misses a shift they run the risk of their work being removed from Art Market, by the group leader, for the remainder of the market. 

Examples of Art Market Shift Positions: 

  • Greeter 
  • Runner 
  • Bagger/Packager 
  • Recording sales in the group inventory binder
  • Restocking inventory, bags, newsprint, etc. 

Dropping out of Art Market 

If you decide for any reason you cannot participate in Art Market you must contact your group leader and the Art Market Manager as soon as possible. There are people on the waiting list who would love to have a spot. Please remember that this is the week before finals and as a student, your schoolwork should be your main priority. That being said, you are not permitted to drop out, pack up, and move out of Art Market once the event has begun. 

Helpful Tools

Your Artist Tool Kit

Every artist, designer, creator, or innovator will work in a variety of different spaces throughout their career. It is up to that person to be as prepared as possible for any challenge or opportunity that presents itself in these different spaces.

Art Market Manager

Emma Jo Shatto


Bunting Center 1401 W. Mt Royal Avenue 350 Baltimore, MD 21217