Materials from the Mandatory Meeting (templates, presentation, tool kit, etc.) can be found in Art Market Tag Making Tools below!

Every year Art Market vendors create their own product tags for customers to use to purchase goods at the registers. Creating these tags and printing them in the proper format is imperative to receive the most accurate commission check following Art Market's close. 


Why do we fill out inventory sheets and create tags? 

In an effort to keep costs to a minimum we have devised this tag system to minimize the commission on artists and maximize funding towards scholarships. It is the most efficient and reasonable way to accurately account for over 275 vendors’ sales annually. This system combats theft, while providing customers with a centralized location to purchase their items. All tags are printed on distinctly colored cardstock, provided by Art Market. Each group has their own color of cardstock. 

Inventory sheets are necessary in case there are selling discrepancies. Over the last 12 years of Art Market, the tag system has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient system to pay vendors. Inventory sheets are always printed on WHITE copy paper. 

What do I need  to do when I've reached 100 items on my inventory sheet? 

Go on to 101... 102... 103 and so on until you are finished filling out the inventory sheet. This applies to each time you reach a sum of a hundred on an inventory sheet. 

What are tags printed on?

Art Market's price tags are always printed on distinctly colored card stock. MICA Art Market will provide card stock to group leaders and groups at the Mandatory Meeting in Falvey Hall on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019. 

How do I print out my tags? 

You can use the inventory sheet template in Google Sheets or Excel. You can use the Mandatory Meeting presentation to guide you. 

What if I need help printing my tags? 

There will be a Tag Workshop on Monday, December 2nd 2019. from 2 - 6 pm in the MICA Art Tech Center.  At this workshop, Art Market Manager, Emma Jo Shatto, will work with you to help create your inventory sheets and tags for Art Market. Please bring a list of what you know you are selling and the paper you received at the Mandatory Meeting. 

What if my objects are too small for a colored cardstock product tag? 

Art Market provides its vendors with jewelry tags for items that are smaller. Each jewelry tag attached to an item must have a matching set of cardstock product tags. Vendors are supplied with the blank jewelry tag sheets, slide sheets to store the cardstock product tags in, and colored cardstock paper for their tags at the Mandatory Meeting.  The template for these are made from can be found below. 

What if I am an alumni living out of state and cannot make it to the Mandatory Meeting? 

Alumni who live out of state can purchase their paper for their tags by using Paperwork's online store. If you do not know your group's color designation you can reference "Group Leaders 2019" in Art Market Tags Making Tools below. 

Art Market Tags Workshop

Tag Workshop
Monday, December 2nd
2 pm - 6 pm
MICA Art Tech Center, 1st Floor Computer Lab

Art Market Manager

Emma Jo Shatto


Bunting Center 1401 W. Mt Royal Avenue 350 Baltimore, MD 21217