ArtWalk Guide: Main Building

Main Building: Student Thesis Location Guide

Student artwork can be found on all levels of Main Building.

Green Spaces Outside of Main

  • Wesley Bull, Interdisciplinary Sculpture (outside of Corpus Christi Church)
  • Billie Murray, Ceramics (Landscape areas between Main Building and Brown Center)

Lower Level

Main 0 Gallery

  • Sunny Fincham, Photography 
  • Evan Jensen, Photography 
  • Aislinn Lopez Gualim, Photography
  • Wen Yi Su, Photography

Lower Level Rooms

  • Erin Kennedy, Photography (Main 0020)
  • Christopher Hall, Photography (Main 010. Christopher's work will also be shown in Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery in Fox Building.)
  • Tanya Kovacevic, Photography (Main 010)
  • Hyungwon Oh, Photography  (Main 010)
  • Meaghan Shaheen, Photography (Main 020)
  • Christopher Pfeiffer Main, Photography (080)

First Floor

Front Hallway

Jessica Laudadio, Photography

Main Court

  • Nina Pauciulo, Fiber

Main 110

  • Victoria Gehring, Painting 
  • Seoin Jung, General Fine Arts 
  • Joo Young Park, Painting 
  • Lydia Rothkopf, General Fine Arts 
  • Kobe Sullivan, Drawing 
  • Lucas Warden, General Fine Arts 
  • Ryze Xu, Ceramics

Second Floor

Main 2 Balcony

  • Zachary Morhaim, General Fine Arts 

Main 200

  • Daylin Chess, Painting
  • Hee Kyung Kim, General Fine Arts
  • Dawn Dong Ju Lee, General Fine Arts

Main 230

  • Pearson Chambers, Painting
  • Justin Darrow, Painting

Main 250

  • Lillian DeHart, Painting
  • Xavier Lightfoot, Painting
  • Ziqi Liu, General Fine Arts
  • Abigail Tanner, General Fine Arts

Third Floor

Main 310

  •  Gillian DeOliveira, General Fine Arts
  • Jong Won Hwang, General Fine Arts
  • Kendra Lewis, General Fine Arts
  • Sydney Naradzay.  General Fine Arts

Main 330

  • Inhyung Choi, General Fine Arts 
  • Jimin Oh, Painting 
  • Sangun Park, Painting
  • Yanbo Wang, Painting
  • Max Woods, General Fine Arts 

Main 350

  • Spencer Beals, General Fine Arts
  • Julia Gould, Painting (Julia's work will also be on display in the Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery in Fox Building) 
  • Graham Martini, Painting
  • Gavin McSkeane, Painting
  • Chloe Mosbacher, Painting

Main 360

  • Danielle Kunkel, General Fine Arts
  • Jinsang Yang, Painting