General Fine Arts (BFA)

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I Am 2022 Mixed media installation 66 in x 140in
mages show the Bye Bye Birdies installation room at MICA’s Pinkard Gallery space. Two walls parallel from each other are painted with 4 horizontal bands of colors that stretch across the length of the walls. The color bands start with a light blue on the + Enlarge
Bye Bye Birdies #1 2022 Mixed media installation: Laser cut/engraved wood, gouache, embroidery, oil on canvas, wall paint, & stuffing 1,179 square feet
Pieces of Me 2022 Video of Performance
Digital Hibiscus Syriacus + Enlarge
Hibiscus Syriacus 2022 Digital Art
This mixed media work explores the tactility of the materials and herself. Manipulating wood particles and gauze shows how she explores the textures. + Enlarge
Boundless words 1 2022 Woods, Gauze, Oil paints 47 x 89 inches (with x height)
Abstract Acrylic Painting on Paper + Enlarge
Orange Light 2021 Acrylic on Paper 15" x 11"
Communication + Enlarge
Communication 2022 28" x 42"
A crow crying out in grief over the corpse of another crow. + Enlarge
Crow Funeral 2022 Gouache on Watercolor Paper 14 x 17 x 2 Inches
Digital media edit using photography, natural dyes, watercolor, and collage. + Enlarge
almost heaven 2022 Mixed media print on chiffon 11x18 inches
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Crowd Surf 2022 Pen & Ink 14X16
Back of body parts made with flowers + Enlarge
Pinned Up 02 2021 Canvas, Pins, Acrylic paint, Extra Heavy Medium, Human Hair, Wire, Hooks, Felt 6ftx6ft
Painting of an old woman's face from forehead to the nose + Enlarge
Traces #1 2021 oil, oil pastel on wood panel 18” x 24"
A blue figurative sculpture. + Enlarge
Cry Blu Boi, Cry 2022 Foam, Resin Eyes, Feathers, Yarn, & Acrylic Airbrush 5ft x 3ft
Circles within circles composed with thousands of small dots, layered. A sky with vivid stars glows as 3 angels preside below it. A mountain range sleeps below the angels. Mushrooms fruit at the foot of the mountains. Mycelium expands endlessly below the + Enlarge
Veils 2022 Acrylic on Canvas 8' x 10'
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The magician 2022 oil on canvas 16 x 20in
General Fine Arts (BFA) Students