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I Am 2022 Mixed media installation 66 in x 140in
In a corner of a white studio, ink drawings are pinned to the wall covering the corner. Black painted lines sprout outwards from the drawings, with the text "I WAS" faintly written in charcoal. There is also a faint drip line where a horizon lin + Enlarge
I Was 2022 Mixed media installation 66 in x 70 in
Loose, sculptural forms created by strips of canvas stuffed with drawings hang from the walls over top painted black lines. White figures are painted into the black lines on the wall, and the faint central drip line continues underneath. + Enlarge
I Will Be 2022 Mixed media installation 66 in x 70 in
A red and black gradient print of a burning sacred heart with a sword puncturing the righthand side. + Enlarge
Burning Sacred Heart 2022 Woodcut on Stonehenge 9 in x 12 in
Image of a skull with a pink gradient on the left side, and blue/green/yellow gradient abstract shapes printed on top. + Enlarge
Monoprinted Skull 2022 Monoprint on top of Intaglio print, Stonehenge paper 8 in x 10 in
Depiction of a woman in prayer with a cloak and halo behind her head. + Enlarge
Prayer 2022 Linoleum print on Stonehenge 22 in x 30 in

My most recent work seeks to answer spatial questions about where the body meets God at the horizon line. This exploration will inform my work for the next few years to come as I experiment with different materials, compositions, and formats to better understand the exchange of touch between God and human in prayer. The horizon line is an integral part of this experimentation, and where I previously worked on either side of it as a distraction, I will now allow it center stage to let the work tell me what it needs from me.


General Fine Arts (BFA) Students