Digital Hibiscus Syriacus + Enlarge
Hibiscus Syriacus 2022 Digital Art
Rosé, oil paint on canvas + Enlarge
Rosé 2022 Oil on Canvas 10"X8" each canvas
Digital Art using photograph of oil painting + Enlarge
Layering 2022 Digital Art using photograph of oil painting

The symbolic meaning of the rose can vary for the individual depending on their cultural backgrounds. Although these are seldom understood in-depth, the various folk cultures and traditions assign symbolic meaning to the rose. The examples of deeper meanings lie within the language of flowers and how a rose may have a different sense in the arrangement. But most people understand rose as having the importance of love, beauty, or being romantic. From this, I realized a rose could have a unique sense towards an individual depending on how the color and emotion interacted with the rose. Everyone having a different way of viewing would create different meanings depending on how you feel right now.

The continuous color exploration art project based on my curiosity of ‘if meaning changes on flower (rose) using color or in a different sense in the arrangement’ on rose pushed me to play with digitals. It is a derivative artwork of digitalized Korean traditional flowers (Hibiscus Syriacus), which is common on ancient Korean house roof flower design, using 70 different variation of color combination. I didn’t add the original color of the traditional flower because I wanted to see how the meaning of the flower would change. These are ongoing artwork series that I intend to keep working on the work.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students