It's a turn-based strategy game featuring squad combat and varied character classes, weapons, and abilities. The player leads a 4-man squad, moves by tiles, eliminates enemies with a smart allocation of action points for different actions each turn. Utili + Enlarge
To Liberation 2022 Digital Game
On a tall canvas, from the top of the illustration, the majority of the canvas is painted Purple-ish galaxy, then it meets with a calm sea, and the illuminated cyan ghost fish swim in horde just under the water surface. + Enlarge
Ghost Fish Under The Galaxy 2021
Sad Ghosts 2021 Digital
The Encrypter 2019 3D Print 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
Jukebox DJ Slotmachine 2021 Digital Game (Interactive Experience)

‚ÄčI'm Puhan Sun, currently, at the beginning of my professional game design career. I've studied mixed-disciplinary art and game design for a few years and I am aiming towards creating inspiring experiences for my audiences.

Game Design (BFA) Students