Working with industry partners, the UP/Start Venture Competition provides mentorship and capital to help nurture venture ideas into sustainable businesses.

2018 Winners

Fairman Studios, LLC, founded by Jennifer E. Fairman '17 (The Business of Art and Design M.P.S.), received $30,000 in investment funding. Fairman Studios produces visual communications for the health sciences by connecting art and science, to create accurate, compelling visual communications. The studio uses medical and scientific illustration, animation, web interactivity and infographics to tell clear scientific stories.

The Longform, founded by J.S. Gleason '18 (Interactive Arts B.F.A.) and Nick Clinkscales '17 (Interactive Arts B.F.A.), received $25,000 in investment funding. The Longform is a Baltimore-based media platform for gaming culture and lifestyle, which empowers the diverse and ever-growing community of those who play, create, and love games.

Boba Studios, founded by Ashley Guchhait '17 (Humanistic Studies & Interactive Arts B.F.A.), Kyrstin Cooksey '18 (Animation B.F.A.), Donald Boose '17 (Interactive Arts B.F.A.), and TJ Martin, received $20,000 in investment funding. Boba Studios combines what players love about indie games and major titles: novel concepts, polished production, and a high replay value—all at an accessible $20 price.

Chameleon Gallery, founded by Yi-An Pan '18 (LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting M.F.A.) and Haoran Chang '18 (Mount Royal School of Art M.F.A.), received $15,000 in investment funding. Chameleon Gallery is an online virtual reality platform that focuses on exhibiting, selling, and promoting contemporary art.

Rising Action Studio, founded by Ashley Eberhart '18 (Social Design M.A.), received $10,000 in investment funding. Rising Action Studio builds workplaces where people can grow and thrive by helping their organizations elevate creativity, collaboration, and storytelling.

Social Butterfly, founded by Christina R. Hyrkas '17 (Graphic Design B.F.A.), received the $5,000 People's Choice Award. Hyrkas recognizes that making friends is hard. Social Butterfly, a collection of party products designed with a lighthearted tone, encourages interaction and takes the anxiety out of events and social gatherings.

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