April 20 Student Memo

Information about changes to financial holds and the fall registration timeline.

Dear Students,

I am writing to provide two important updates regarding the upcoming registration period for the Fall 2020 semester. These updates have been developed in consultation with student leadership with an emphasis on educational continuity and a Culture of Care, and in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances and resulting economic challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration Holds
Financial holds have been removed for students who have a balance due of $7500.00 or less. This significantly raises the threshold for unpaid account balances and will allow most students to register on time. Additionally, registration holds have been removed for students who had fallen behind on their payment plans. Students are encouraged to check in with their financial aid counselor to explore all possible avenues of managing any account balances.

Registration Timeline
In order to provide students additional time to prepare for registration during this challenging time, we are delaying the start of the upcoming registration period by one week. Please log into the MICA portal and visit your Student Service Center to view your updated enrollment appointment time. The general timeline for registration is summarized below:

  • April 28 - Registration period begins
  • April 28-30  - Individual student enrollment appointments
  • May 1 - Open Enrollment period begins
  • September 7 - Last day to add a course

We encourage you to use this week to review your account, prepare your fall course selections, and communicate with your academic advisor if needed. If you have any questions or concerns about the Fall 2020 enrollment period, or other aspects of your academic career, please contact our office at any time. We remain committed to your success, and are here to support you with this process.

Christine B. Peterson
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Service