March 20 Campus Memo

An update to the MICA community that the College had not yet received the test results for the individual tested for COVID-19.




Dear MICA Community Members,

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to escalate, I send my continued best wishes to all for your and your loved ones’ health and safety. As mentioned in my previous communications, underpinning all MICA’s responses to COVID-19 is a commitment to share information with campus members and parents as soon as new decisions and information are available.

To that end, I wanted to provide a short update on the status of the campus member who was tested for COVID-19 last week.

As of today, March 20th, neither MICA nor the individual has received the results of the test.  It is our understanding from the Maryland Department of Health that test results are taking longer than originally anticipated. More information about the Maryland Health Department’s COVID-19 Testing can be found on this FAQ.

Additionally, the College has been given strict guidance that we are not permitted to disclose details of the affected individual or any potential people with whom they may have come in contact unless a positive test result is returned. We can, however, share that we believe the number to be relatively low.

We understand that this delay is undoubtedly causing anxiety within our community and we sincerely share in that concern. We can only offer to communicate any additional information about this situation as soon as we receive it.

As ever, I continue to be deeply moved by the creativity, compassion, and resilience of the MICA community as we navigate these uncharted waters together with empathy and care.

Once again, please stay safe and observe best health advice and practices

With camaraderie and appreciation,

Samuel Hoi