Creative Citizenship

Open Source Art + Design

MICA acknowledges how disruptive the COVID-19 pandemic has been to the lives of artists, designers, and community partners. As we navigate this challenging time, MICA’s community partnerships team is committed to compiling resources created by members of the college community and making them available to organizations that serve the Baltimore community at large.

We reached out to some of our partners to find ways MICA can be helpful in this time. Among the needs they have identified: access to virtual resources to engage K-12 students in art and design activities. Given the incredible breadth of art + design expertise within the MICA community, this is one way we can give back and connect with each other.

Our hope is to develop a catalog of art + design activities and educational resources created by members of the MICA community for the MICA community and the larger Baltimore community to access from home during this uncertain time.

We will be sharing the catalog on this page, using the platform AirTable. Please upload your content online (if it isn't already) and share the link with us - we will include the description and link in the catalog to send folks directly to your resource. We will not be hosting or embedding your content - please upload it elsewhere (i.e. Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.) - we will be sharing the link you provide. This allows you to have full control over your content. 

For questions of usage and ownership of artworks, please refer to MICA's IP Policy.

Current List of Submissions

This list will be updated regularly based on the submissions received in the form above. You can search this list for links to opportunities shared by members of the MICA community. Sort or filter by type of activity, target age group, or skill level, etc.


How will my content be shared?

We will be sharing the catalog of resources on this webpage, using the platform AirTable. In order for your content to be listed on the webpage, you must provide us with a link to share. We will not be hosting or embedding your content, we will be linking to it. This allows you to have full control over your content. For example, you can upload all of your files into a Google Drive folder, and share the link to that folder with us. Remember to change the permission settings so anyone with the link has access to view your files. 

Will I be credited?

Of course! Your information will be displayed along with your content link. We encourage you to also submit your personal website so people can learn more about you. 

What are examples of content to share?

Tutorials, activity books, online workshops, worksheets, coloring pages, etc.


If you have additional questions, please email