Creative Citizenship

Voter Access Initiative

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we keep our democracy strong.

1. Register to Vote / Check Registration Info

Determine if you are eligible to vote, decide where (what address) to register, register to vote, and lookup your registration info. 

2. Make A Voting Plan

Decide how you will cast your vote (by mail or in person), what the next steps are, and learn about your ballot.

3. Take Action

Learn about other civic engagement opportunities. No effort is too small.


Student Voters Matter!

  • Millennials and Gen Z will be the largest share of eligible voters in 2020, but because of their lower voting rates have not been the largest share of voters in previous elections.
  • Local races and issues have a direct impact on a student’s home and college community. Officials make decisions on topics like student debt, funding for higher education, and the economy.
  • In 2016, only 39% of eligible young people turned out to vote.

If you aren't eligible to vote, learning about voting and encouraging eligible friends to vote is just as impactful, and by living in the U.S. voting still affects you even if you aren't voting yourself. There are many other ways to get civically engaged! Learn more here.