Oct. 26
Nov. 15

Archive of Digital Portraits Cast in Concrete

October 26, 2022 – November 15, 2022
15 E 40TH ST, STE 200 New York, NY 10016

On view at TheBLANC gallery from October 26th, 2022 through November 15th, 2022, the queer and anxious artist Blair Simmons will unveil her solo exhibition “Archive of Digital Portraits Cast in Concrete”. The exhibition will present 11 concrete sculptural portraits of the cached web histories and digital identities of the artist’s friends and family. The exhibited sculptures are made of discarded technologies derived from the people in the artist’s life. These sculptures are cast in concrete and then exposed by hammering and chiseling. Through the process of art-making, the artist aims to revisit the daily pain of working and labor that emerged from her research-driven pedagogy process: warping, distorting, grinding, and wearing down. She examines her relationships with technology as both dependent and critical. She also tries to visualize the tension generated by the severe anxiety disorder, of chronic pain, and migraines that she experiences in the body. This collection of works examines her conflicting feelings toward technology, as both see it as an exit and an origin of her pain.