Mar. 21
Apr. 15

Bye Bye Birdies by Danielle Kunkel

March 21, 2022 – April 15, 2022
Pinkard Gallery
1401 W Mount Royal Ave
Birds · 3”– 50” · lasercut, painted, embroidered wood · 2020–present

I grew up surrounded by nature and inspired by singing birds. I cannot imagine how quiet the world would be if birds were gone and no longer in our backyards. Bye Bye Birdies is an immersive graph installation that explores how bird populations have decreased over the last 3 decades, will continue to do so with climate change, and what can be done to help. Painted, embroidered, and lasercut birds made true to size of the species and are placed on the wall to depict the data on how threatened they will be. An homage is made to the Passenger Pigeon which was once the most abundant bird species in americas that became extinct due to human actions—foreshadowing how our favorite birds we see today might only live in taxidermy form tomorrow. This is a Student Space Gallery exhibition. For more information about the SSG program and how to apply for a solo-exhibition, please visit